The scariest part of middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it!

Symptoms of Aging:  The age related medical conditions common with middle aged persons....  & the same conditions that can severely alter a post middle aged person's life.

  • Aging: A collection of 'expected' medical conditions / symptoms ..  all snowballin' together & rollin' us down that slippery slope to geriatric infirmity.

  • A realistic goal of any anti-aging program is to avoid completely some conditions & to delay the onset of others.

Appropriate exercise, proper rest & planned nutrition (intelligent lifestyle?) are required for optimization.

The symptoms associated with low endogenous hGH & the conditions associated with aging are similar & parallel.

Mayo Clinic: HGH therapy benefits:

  1. Bolster the heart's ability to contract

  2. Improve mood and motivation

  3. Increase exercise capacity

  4. Increase muscle mass

  5. Increase bone density

  6. Decrease body fat

  7. Improved libedo

Conditions associated with Aging

  1. Reduced Cardiac output.

  2. Mood & cognitive changes.

  3. Muscle wasting.

  4. Decreasing energy.  

  5. Abdominal fat / truncal obesity

  6. Weak bones.

  7. Thin skin and skin wrinkles.

  8. Poor sleep. 

  9. Lessened Sexual performance. .

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and perform many specialized functions.  

Many age related medical conditions are positively affected by Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT.

This Mayo Clinic report on the symptoms of Aging:  What to expect as you get older is an extremely good read.  Provides a list of Aging's symptoms .. with the whys.

A Harvard University study reports there's a gap of more than 30 years separating the Americans who live the longest & healthiest and those who are 6' under the soonest.

Primary factors for an early demise:
  • tobacco

  • alcohol

  • obesity

  • high-blood pressure

  • high cholesterol

  • poor diet

  • lack of exercise

most are personally or medically controllable.

AntiAging Medicine is often referred to as Aging Management Medicine.

Aging management is an area of intense medical research .. the huge market of aging baby boomers is fueling massive medical research studies

Combine the Greek words "presbys" (old) with the Greek word "opia" (vision)  Presbyopia .. old vision.

As we age the lens of our eyes becomes less elastic & beginning in our mid 40s we lose the ability to focus at near distance.

"The goal of hormone replacement is to restore levels to those normally present for several decades during early adulthood.  Safe levels at age 30 will remain safe when restored to that same level later in life. Adverse effects from hormone replacement result only from excessive doses ."  ~ Elmer M. Cranton, MD

Long term medical research HAS BEEN COMPLETED regarding hormone replacement therapy & Aging

LOS ANGELES, May 04, 2005 (United Press International) -- People who are obese may be able to shake the weight with hormone-replacement therapy, University of California-Los Angeles research.

Just in case you needed another reason to stop smoking, a new study reveals that smoking and obesity actually cause people to age faster at the cellular level .

Science Daily, December 22, 2006: A medical report from the University of Pittsburg Medical School, & supported by the National Institute of Aging , takes HRT's benefits to the cellular / DNA level.